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The Dickens-Night Before Thanksgiving Party
Nov 26 @ 10:00 pm
The Dickens-Night Before Thanksgiving Party

Always the biggest night of the year!  The Dickens are bringing Thanksgiving back again for Alamance County!

The Dickens formed with one goal in mind: to create the ULTIMATE PARTY BAND for a new generation of music fans. These veterans of the Southeastern music scene have joined forces to bring audiences the best party songs from the last two decades, along with the older classics everyone loves. For anyone who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this is your music! - 

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The Radio Narks
Nov 28 @ 10:00 pm
The Radio Narks @ Elon | North Carolina | United States

The Radio Narks formed out of the need for a live-band karaoke act in the Greensboro area and have also become a local favorite party band. Having close to two years of experience doing live-band karaoke, the Radio Narks are very in touch with what people like and want to hear. Boasting three viable lead singers, they are capable of covering virtually any genre of music in good fashion. Cameron and Isaak form a young, fiery but mature tandem of guitarists; knowing when to stand down and keep things groovy, they are also capable of putting on an intense sideshow of dueling guitar leads. The bands obvious enthusiasm and ability to cater to a crowd is truly impressive and makes every night memorable. In addition to laying the foundation for a superb rhythm section with Brian, Quincy’s sweet personality and attention to detail make him the ideal host/spokesperson for the karaoke events; no participant ever walks off stage feeling awkward or not appreciated. Transforming what would be a typical party into a community effort to bond and have fun through music, the Radio Narks aim to please and always succeed.

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Love Tribe-Ladies in FREE
Nov 29 @ 10:00 pm
Love Tribe-Ladies in FREE

Come check out Alamance Counties newest high energy party band!


Love Tribe is the ultimate high-energy good time party band playing a wide range of music from the 70’s, R&B to 80’s pop to 90’s rock, as well as the radio hits of today, and literally anything and everything in between! The Tribe puts on a non-stop adrenaline fueled show that doesn’t slow down until the last song is through. From Stevie Wonder to Journey to Cee Lo Green to Bon Jovi, every song is a familiar favorite that had the crowd heading to the dance floor to move, groove and sing along!


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The Ends
Dec 5 @ 10:00 pm
The Ends

The Ends are an original rock band who combine multiple genres of music to create a unique experience at every show. They entertain and energize crowds of music lovers everywhere they travel. The Ends’ vast catalog of originals and covers is born of a wide variety of musical influences, from jazz to punk and country to funk. Their music is best described as groovy, American rock with an incredibly unique twist. As musicians, they never disappoint and leave every crowd wanting more. There’s never a dull or cliched moment, just talented, seasoned live performers with an experience to share.



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